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You know you all claim to hate that I post tons of angst and continuously beg for me to write fluff instead - but you came here for the angst. And you stay here for the angst.

Don’t lie.

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  2. awederek said: It’s true. I’m usually not one for angst, but I just can’t seem to get enough of yours. I crave it!! I want it more than the fluff…just sayin’.
  3. thekaleidoscopediaries reblogged this from deanwinchesterprays and added:
    this is an accurate representation of me when i read your angst. i love it so much.
  4. gartter said: Its true Felicia. Caught me red-handed. You write the most wonderful depressing angst too. Its awesome. :D
  5. pumpkink said: pretty sure angst is the base of the destiel shipper food pyramid along with their own tears
  6. thebreakfastghoul said: I do love the angst, but I also love some fluff to keep me from melting into a puddle of despair! :)
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  8. wolfycastiel said: all hail felucifer
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